BIOFACH - World´s Leading Trade Fair for Organic Food

This Year Online!!!

Thanks to support of EU GAIA project 11 Armenian companies are exhibiting at BIOFACH 2021 under joint Organic Armenia Stand.

Welcome to our joint booth of Organic Armenia, a small country with a large spectrum of unique tastes, alluring aromas and rich traditions of rejuvenating recipes. Armenia boasts an extremely rich variety of both biodiversity and landscapes reflecting the variety in geology and altitudes found within the country. 307 days of sunlight combined with crystal-clear spring water from its mountains and diverse flora have made possible for inhabitants to be able to fight against illnesses, wounds and aging for millenniums. This truly makes Armenia a rising star for organic produce. We are a group of enthusiastic organic producers who bring to you a small bunch of our country treasures enriched with the traditional knowledge and techniques and processed with modern technologies. Feel free to explore our specialty products and don’t hesitate to contact us for any further information. https://www.talque.com/app#/app/ngx/org/SPygQfusd0f1fe9F7ANp/exibitor/4bBuh8F6u6raPNscnz69