Tea and Herbs
Types of products and their short description

The company manufactures herbal teas, as well as honey and syrups.

The tea is made of whole leaves and flowers, which are gathered from the upper part of plants to ensure only the most healthy and good quality produce reach clients.

The production process is fully performed in the territory of Armenia.

Annual average makes 3-5 tons.


Organic herbal teas are known for their flavor. Teas are made of exceptionally whole leaves and flowers of plants gathered from pristine regions of Tavush. At 1700-1900 meter altitude above the sea level.

Company history, visions, and mission

Production started in 2015. Residents of borderland communities in Tavush, as well as other residents of Lori are engaged in production processes. With the combination of every active ingredient and essential oils in mind, the company pursues a purpose of developing and expanding its production, and with that facilitate to the development and alleviation of social conditions in the region. The factory offers a tasting room, where visitors are welcomed to familiarize themselves with production processes and try full-flavored teas.



EC Code number: AM-BIO-112
Certification performed by “Ecoglobe”.

Organic produce

Herbal teas

Merchandizing and sales

“Cofeynaya cantata” coffee and tea stores, “Nrneni house”, “eli.am” online store, “Personal Chef”cooking school and studio, “Salt Sack” souvenir shop, “Sorriso Gelato”, “Haleb” stores, “Gyughmarket” store

Price in AMD and foreign currency


Customer feedback

Few months back I spent exclusive time with few growers of Herbs in Armenia. Today I introduce one such Company called DARMAN, located in the Tavush region. The place is virgin land producing organic herbs. The Nature has Blessed the place with Natural soil, balance weather and people who use Tender Love &Care to attend these tender plants. The air is Pure and there is no pollution.

How are DARMAN HERBAL TEAS different from others? First the infusions are Whole Leaf and blended with flowers, there are no stems, gently hand plucked and are never crushed. The herbs that I have tasted have essential flavor and taste of the herbs come out with distinction.

ALL THEIR PRODUCTS ARE ORGANIC The Company has a State of the Art tea factory. A family owned Company its owners take pride in every activity of their product and its journey till it reaches the customers cup. Darman’s Chairman Gnel Nazanyan is a perfect gentleman and his source of inspiration is his wife Ruzanna Kartashyan, a perfect couple who ensure you get a perfect Herbal infusion.

Visit www.darmantea.com For trade enquiries in box Gnel Nazanyan or you can write to me and I will pass on all enquiries to Darman.

Sanjay Guha-tea specialist

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